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From Print to Digital: Professor Cal Lee’s visit, Loughborough, 7 May

From Print to Digital: Professor Cal Lee’s visit, Loughborough, 7 May

Professor Cal Lee (U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) will come to Loughborough University on Tuesday 7 May, thanks to funding from the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Two main activities are scheduled:

_a public Masterclass (11am to 1pm) during which Professor Lee will introduce his research, engage in a discussion with staff and postgraduate students and provide feedback on their projects. The event offers a rare opportunity to meet an expert who has made paradigm-changing contributions to the field of archives and digital records management.

_A public lecture (4pm to 5.30pm) will follow the Masterclass. It will be accessible to a general audience interested in key issues related to the digital revolution. The transition from print to digital has created huge challenges, and Professor Lee will offer big ideas to help us think about the digital and its impact on archives and cultural memory.

SHORT BIO: Christopher (Cal) Lee is Professor at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He teaches courses and workshops in archives and records management; understanding information technology for managing digital collections; and digital forensics.  His primary research focus is the long-term curation of digital collections.  Cal edited and provided several chapters to I, Digital: Personal Collections in the Digital Era. He has served as Principal Investigator of the BitCurator, BitCurator Access, and BitCurator NLP, and Co-PI on OSSArcFlow projects, as well as several projects (including DigCCurr and ESOPI) focused on digital curation education. Cal is a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists, and he serves as editor of American Archivist.  Established in 1938, American Archivist is the most widely circulated English-language archival journal.