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Policy Influence


Two talks at the Cabinet Office, followed by continued engagement with the CO.

Geographic Reach 


Policy Influence Type

Influenced training of practitioners or researchers.


In August 2018, I gave my first invited talk at the Cabinet Office (London) on “From Print to Digital: Preserving, Making Accessible and Using Archives of Digital Information.” I was then invited to give a follow-up session as part of the “Learning from History” series in July 2019.  

Moreover, the conference on “Archives, Access and AI” that I organised in January 2020 strengthened links with policy makers interested in preservation. For example, David Canning of the Cabinet Office and Stefan Janusz of the Office for AI (Joint Unit between DCMS and BEIS) chaired a session at the conference. The talks and conference influenced the training of practitioners, and led to improve educational and skills level of workforce. Among the civil servants present at the conference were early-career professionals in the team of David Canning (Head of Digital Knowledge & Information Management at the CO).

Continued engagement with the Cabinet Office led to two funded project: